We hope this page answers any questions you may have regarding any aspect of booking us. If you can't find the answers to your question here, please feel free to contact band leader Aly (see Prices & Bookings page).

1) How long do you play for?

We usually play two sets of music. Each set is one hour long. We are happy to break these sets up into smaller amounts if this suits the flow of your event. Our last set will finish by midnight at the latest (1am for New Year's Eve Parties).

2) How much time do you need to set up?

We require one full hour from the point we have access to our playing area to the point we start performing. Most of this time is spent setting up equipment with the last 20 minutes or so being a sound check. Please factor this set up time into your event. A good events manager at a venue will keep things running smoothly, however, events can run over, particularly at weddings, so we recommend being generous with the overall timings of the day when planning your event.

3) Do you have a sound system?

Yes, we are completely self-contained, owning a top of the range H-Audio PA System capable of handling events up to 150 people. A larger system can be hired by us if necessary at an additional cost to the client (large venues for big corporate events normally have their own in-house system and sound engineer).

4) Is your equipment PAT tested and do you have public liability insurance?

Yes & yes! Our equipment is PAT tested annually and we have insurance covering us up to £10 million through the Musician's Union. Certificates for both can be forwarded on to your venue as required.

5) How much space do you need to set up in?

A six to eight piece band does require quite a lot of space to perform in and we'll perform at our best when given adequate room to set up our equipment and play in. A lot of venues have a realistically sized performance area, but it's always worth checking with the venue prior to booking. As a guide, the six-piece band require a width of approximately 5m wide by 4m deep. The eight-piece band requires a space of 6.5m wide by 4m deep.

6) Do you provide recorded music to play between your sets?

Yes, we have a playlist of lively pop & soul tunes that we can put on between our sets. You are also welcome to provide us with your own playlist on an ipod or similar (we provide the connecting cable).

7) What happens if a band member falls ill close to my event?

Whilst as full-time musicians we take our reputations for reliability very seriously, there could be times when one of us is just unable to perform due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, we have a pool of excellent 'dep' players who know our set and could step in to cover a regular member's place. Unlike a lot of bands, our instrumental parts are fully written out, allowing any reading professional player to step in and play whilst maintaining the authentic sound of the core band.

8) Do I need to book through an agent?

No. We like the simplicity of dealing directly with our clients. This prevents any miscommunication through a middle-man and saves you the agent's mark up fees of 15-20%, which would otherwise be added onto your fee.

Our band leader Aly will liaise with you via email from your first enquiry, right through to the event itself. He'll also be there on the night so you know that the band will turn up knowing exactly what you would like from them.

9) Can we see you play before we book?

As we only play for private functions it is difficult for clients to see us play in person before booking. For this reason, we have put various live gig videos on our home page so you can see us in action. The audio is deliberately lo-fi; it's just taken from an iPhone in the room so you can trust that it's really us! (Lots of bands post 'live' clips where the audio is in-fact a studio recording that they have dubbed onto the video).

10) Why should I book a 6-8 piece band when I've seen 3-4 piece bands on agents' sites?

Firstly, by booking us directly, you will find our prices to be cheaper than many 3-4 piece bands; why pay the agent a fee when that same money could be spent on more musicians making your event sound more amazing?

Secondly, many of the the most popular dance-floor hits from across the decades (including the most recent ones) have been created by bands of at least 5-6 musicians. The line up of our band has been entirely based around the number of musicians required to faithfully reproduce the sound of the original songs, because that's the sound your guests will know and love. Trying to replicate those sounds with half the number of musicians would be like us trying to cook your favourite meals with only half the ingredients; what we produced might in some way resemble what you were hoping for, but it wouldn't taste right!