6-piece (2 female vocals, male vocals/gtr, keyboard, bass, drums)

Our basic 6-piece has 3 fantastic singers allowing us to capture the full vocal harmony of the original recordings. Our keyboard sounds have been created by a West End arranger to faithfully reproduce the original parts. Add to this a smoking rhythm section who've carefully recreated the original guitar, bass and drum parts and you've got one of the most authentic cover bands in the country!

£1,080 + travel. (This is a 15-20% saving on agency fees!)

8-piece (6-piece + trumpet and saxophone)

Want to really wow the guests at your event? Then go all out for our full 8-piece band with a top-notch brass section!

Many pop, soul and disco tunes have iconic trumpet + sax parts that define the sound of those songs. We've faithfully recreated them for the ultimate party experience!

£1,380 + travel. (This is a 15-20% saving on agency fees!)

Aluinn Ceilidh Band / The Definitives dual booking deal (see also themed nights)

One band leader, two awesome party bands!

Book both bands for your event and get £100 off the cost of hiring them both separately (and save on agency fees!)

Aluinn will play you up to 2 x 1-hour sets of ceilidh / barndance music with a caller, followed by The Definitives playing up to 2 x 1hr sets of classic pop, rock, soul and disco.

£1,520 (3-piece Aluinn, 6-piece The Definitives)

£1,670 (4-piece Aluinn, 6-piece The Definitives)

£1,820 (3-piece Aluinn, 8-piece The Definitives)

£1,970 (4-piece Aluinn, 8-piece The Definitives)

Set length can be reduced if required. The fee will be the same.


To book The Definitives or to ask band leader Aly a question, please complete the contact form below. All bookings are secured by the signing of a contract and the payment of a 10% deposit.